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About Alpha Threat

Alpha Threat is a cyber security consulting firm.

    We are a hub of experts purely based on talent and experience. With our collective industrial experience of 15+ years, we aim to help our customers meet cyber security challenges. We offer network, IT, and managed security solutions focusing on information security services.

    With the ever increasing cyber security attacks Alpha Threat aims to work towards developing a 'cyber-safe nation'. We understand this responsibility and the need for enhanced cybersecurity and therefore established Alpha Threat. Our services are not just limited to project completion, but we also help our clients by pushing regular feeds and informative material to maintain a secure working environment.

    Official group registered under 'Defcon'


DIFFERENT, just like you

We believe clients are earned rather than bought. We are obsessively passionate about our work which makes us focus on providing best possible security as per the different needs and structure of the organization.

Threat Intelligence

Cybersecurity does not simply mean Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing. With the daily changing threat landscape, it is essential to adapt to proactive security approach along with regular audits, this is why we offer free Threat Data and Intelligence service to our clients. We do the research work on trending attacks and tactics to suggest appropriate changes which enhance the security of our clients.
Switch to proactive defense, switch to Alpha Threat

Free Integrated feeds

We offer regular updated Threat Data feeds collected from hundred of sources to clients which includes list of malicious IP's and domains to blacklist at network level

Upcoming malwares

Our team crawls the deepweb and other encrypted channels to know about upcoming threats and malwares. This helps to better protect the organization by staying ahead of the game

Breached databases

We check over deepweb to gather intel of breached databases, their sources and tactics. This helps us enhance the security posture of clients

Proactive defense

Our team studies the tools and tactics being used in trending attacks and offer proactive solution for the same

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CVE 2022-40055

  • How we found CVE-2022-40055 ...


Process monitoring with Ruby

  • Get alert on new process launch. Stay tuned...


Empowering our LEA's to develop a CyberSafe Nation
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Threat Intelligence
Penetration testing

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Alpha Threat is guided by a team of experienced reputed advisors

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Mr. S.S. Mahar

Advisor || Advocate District and Session Court
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Mr. Bhupendra Kharayat

Advisor || Ex Asst. Director Ministry of Home Affairs
cybersecurity for freshers

Mr. Dan Singh Bisht

Advisor || Advocate (Notary Public Govt. of India)



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